`Empusel’ (a maa dialect )An area regarded as salty dusty plain located south eastern Kenya and ,north west of Mt Kilimanjaro. Well known for it’s large herds of jumbos with the ease of viewing wildlife due to natural plains amidst whirl winds .A four hour drive from the Kenyan Capital Nairobi and seven hours drive from the Coastal city of Mombasa .By air it takes less than 45 minutes from Nairobi and less than an hour from Mombasa .A very attractive scenery ranging from thorny bushy land ,rolling grasslands plain intertwined in acacia woodland and flowing towards dusty plains dropping into the plaice stone lake of Amboseli .An extraordinary adventure to take of from the busy schedules of the Nairobi or Mombasa as well as a break from forested bushland of the Tsavos .A decision to take on this adventure leaves your expectations fulfilled .

Location and Size

Located in Kajiado County ,south of the Kenyan capital Nairobi .The park has a total of 392 square kilometres ,amid 6000 square kilometers of the larger Amboseli ecosystem .A basin shaped terrain on the leeward side (northwest)side of the Mount Kilimanjaro.

Great views of Mt.Kilimanjaro and it’s snow caps .

We have three peaks at Amboseli where one can view the peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro which are:
*Kibo 5,896m above sea level
*Mawenzi 5,149m above sea level
*Shira 3,962m above sea level
Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest in Africa ranked 4th in the world .
The mountain is seen clearly early in the morning and late in the evenings .

The experience of the floating elephants within the Amboseli wetlands

Two fresh water swamps within Amboseli National park resulting from underground seepage from Mount Kilimanjaro.
*Longinye swamp -found circuit 45,44,3,4,6 behind Oltukai lodge.
*Enkongu Narok Swamp-beyond Serena lodge along circuit 30,29,28 below observation.

The Wildlife Masses

The park exhibits approximately 1,300 herd of elephants having been studies for over 100 years ;approximately 40 lions ,200 hyenas ,90 jackals ,10 cheetahs ,14,000 common Zebras ,4,500 wildebeests ,4000 maasai giraffes 1900 impalas ,9000 grant gazelles ,1500 Thomson’s gazelle ,1040 Masai ostrich ,450 cape buffaloes ,3400 elands ,240 fringed eared oryx ,180 gerenuks ,170 lesser kudus ,540 cokes hartebeest ,4 reedbucks ,15 waterbucks and 70 warthogs and over 400 species of birds .

Access to Amboseli .

(a) Iremito gate .
(b)Kimana gate .
(c)Meshanani gate .
(d)Airstrip gate .

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