A female Eastern African lion at Lake Nakuru National park .
Eastern African lions belong to the family Felidae and genus Panthera .Males are larger than females .Male have manes .Lions live in prides each pride having several few adult males ,related females and cubs .Females cooperate when hunting and prey mostly on large Ungulates such as antelopes,deers,buffaloes ,zebras and giraffes.Belong to the same group as tiger ,snowleopard ,jaguar and leopard .Lion is muscular deep-chested cat .Shows sexual dimorphism.Males are more robust than females .Lions spend most of their time resting and grooming ,socialising and hunts at night .Lion is a generalist hypercarnivore and hunts in groups .Most of the lions are solo hunters .Lions cant run as fast because of their circulatory system as it’s heart is 1% of it’s body weight .Kills prey by strangulation leading to celebral ischemia or asphyxia .It steals kills from hyenas .Lions are major killers of cheetah cubs 78.2% of predators .Cheetahs avoid their competitor using different temporal ,time and spatial niches .Lions have also been known to kill crocodiles and the reverse is also true .Most reproduces at four years of age .Lions can mate at any time of the year as they are polyestrous .

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