Watamu is a small coastal town in Kenya, north of Mombasa. It’s known for Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve, which has 3 bays: Watamu, Blue Lagoon and Turtle. Sandy beaches and coral gardens are the defining features. Seabirds, as well as green and hawksbill turtles, inhabit Mida Creek with its sand flats and mangrove forest. Inland, Arabuko-Sokoke Forest Reserve is home to elephants, monkeys and rare birdlife.
A visit to Mida Creek gives you a refreshing break from your active Watamu beach vacation. Stretching inland from the sea, Mida Creek is a broad-water tidal inlet area surrounded by extensive mangrove forests. Its unique ecosystem of mangrove forest, mud flats and tidal wetlands support a huge variety of birds such as herons, flamingos, kingfishers, ospreys, bee-eaters, sandpipers, sooty gulls, and many others. Mida Creek is also a vital stopover point for migrant birds and, as a result, it has been designated as a protected area for their survival.
If you’re interested in learning about some slithering creatures native to the East African coast then the Bio-Ken Snake Farm is the place to visit. The farm houses the largest collection of snakes in East Africa. A diverse and interesting selection of Kenyan snakes of all colours and sizes can be found in this farm. It also happens to be one of the world’s most renowned snake research centres, specialising in anti-venom research and producing antidotes for snake-bite victims throughout the region. Another interesting fact about the farm is that it supplied most of the snakes for the Indiana Jones films.
The Watamu Marine National Park with its extensive coral cover and host to a startling number and variety of marine life, provide for exceptional snorkelling conditions. The marine park is approximately six square miles with reefs that extend out almost one-quarter mile from the shore. Low tide, especially during a spring low tide, is the best time to experience the wonders of the under sea world.

Boat riding at Kenyan coast

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